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Students start at Royal Greenwich UTC either at 14 or 16 years old. They learn professional, technical, practical and employability skills from the industry experts alongside a traditional school curriculum that is designed to deliver more than just good qualifications.

Our close links with sponsors, employers and the University of Greenwich will ensure student€™s exposure to the latest industrial and professional methods including traditional practices and cutting edge technologies.

All students who complete Year 11 can advance to our Post-16 programme where they will continue to work towards their A-levels and industry related qualifications. A personalized learning programme is developed to suit individual talents, abilities and interests in order to achieve successful academic outcomes and secure future opportunities for employment or further study.

We provide students with a taste of life in a grown-up education institution as well as the technical experience valued by employers and key personal skills to get ahead in life. The unique curriculum and culture at Royal Greenwich UTC helps to ensure that graduates are better equipped to enter the professional world, confident in their capabilities and with the intellectual and practical abilities required to build a rewarding career.